We are a Melbourne-based brand that uses clothing as a vehicle to create conversation around self-care. Every time someone sees our product they are familiarising themselves with this word. The wearer, therefore, is a promoter of all things self-care. It is wearable activism at its finest.

We believe self-care is caring for the whole self - the mental, physical and spiritual body. No matter the individual activity, engaging in practices that nourish, nurture and honour ourselves is self-care. From drinking a glass of water to yoga, Reiki and beyond, self-care is entirely individual, unpretentious and necessary. It is the act of getting to know ourselves. Self-care and self-exploration are inextricably linked.

Created by Rachael Akhidenor, a Melbourne-based twenty something with a passion for all things self-indulgence and self-care, we exist to normalise caring  for our whole selves. Our mission is for self-care to be mainstream.

All our products are ethically made in Australia.