We sat down with six women to discuss the stories and wisdom they've learnt thus far on their journey of self-love and self-exploration. Without knowing our whole selves, fears, and flaws, we cannot truly love ourselves. Self-love and self-knowledge are inextricably linked. Self-knowledge flows from self-exploration. Self-exploration is self-care. Meet the beautiful and free-spirited Cassie.

Q: What were three insecurities that you had when you were younger? How did you overcome them?

I struggled with my height as a young girl as I was taller than most of my classmates.

I did not feel comfortable with my weight and never felt I was skinny enough.

I was very uncomfortable with my religion and how strict my parents were.

It’s been quite a journey learning to love and accept myself. I think what really helped me was stopping the negative self-talk and taking care of myself mentally and physically. I also think leaving Hawaii for Bermuda was a big step for me in learning and accepting who I truly am.


Q: What are you like in a conflict?

I don’t like conflict and can be quite stubborn. If I feel like someone has done me wrong or someone I love wrong - I feel like it’s necessary to tell the person that they were wrong. It has taken me a long time to learn how to forgive, but I never forget.

If I am in the wrong, I don’t have a problem apologising and talking things out - laying everything out on the table. 


Q: What makes you nervous?

There are multiple things that make me nervous! When I don’t feel like I am in control. When I feel like I could potentially fail at something. Most of all, the thought of losing a loved one.


 Q: How would you describe yourself in three words? Please explain why you have chosen each word. 

Loyal - I am fiercely loyal and very supportive of my family and friends. I will stand by their side always, and they will always be my priority.

Empathetic-I’m very in tune with other people’s feelings. A sponge to human emotions.

Strong- I have gone through quite a bit of a tough journey- at times completely on my own.



Q: What is your relationship to sex?

I was raised very religious, so it took me some to feel fully comfortable and embrace my sexual side. I think it’s important to have a healthy sex life in your relationship and to communicate - always.


Q. What are five things that make you really difficult to live with?

\ I am very clean and tidy- maybe too much for some

\ I need my alone time- some may think of this as aloof

\ I’m not a big fan of strangers staying in my home- this can be difficult when you live with housemates

\ I don’t like any noise when I’m trying to sleep.

\ I am always cold, and always like the heater on.


Q. What does your self-care practice look like? Do you have any rituals?

If I feel like I need a recharge, the sun and the ocean are the ultimate combination to make me feel good. Yoga has also played quite a big part in my life for the past 5 years. The breath and movement- nothing else. Sometimes you just have to have a me night in- some takeaway, a fav show or movie on Netflix, and a heat pack on a cold rainy day.

My rituals would be my daily morning routine (moisturiser, eyebrow serum, and makeup routine) before I go to work and when I get ready for bed at night (clay with lavender face wash and a serum of essential oils to soothe my skin overnight).  I always diffuse essential oils at night to help me relax and have a good night’s rest.


Cassie wears the BLUE RELAXATION SCARF and the MEDITATION tee.